5 Hacks to Avoid Blogging

5 Hacks to Avoid Blogging

Don’t get me wrong, I love you homies and am committed to you and this blog – no buts about it.  AND, I love procrastinating. Lately, more often than not, procrastination tends to win the wrestling match for my attention.

Here are my top 5 go to’s to avoid blogging:

George Yes, George.  My handsome little movie star has his demands and can easily pull me from the mere thought of doing post.  He sets the bar high with the types of experiences he wants to have each day. As it turns out he is a great little manifestor, so he gets 3 walks a day, some indoor playing, regular car rides, and a little bit of television (he’s an addict). And when it snows, fuhgedaboutit, there will be no blogging only snowballs. Can you blame me?

Exercise Would you believe my addiction to endorphins is coming between us?  Bananas isn’t it? I have a pretty long work day so by the time George is tended to and I exercise the day is shot.  OK, so I have been known to overdo it on the exercise, especially on weekends. Is spin, hot yoga, a vigorous George adventure, and my 21 Day Fix class too much? Seriously Melissa, why don’t you try eating a bit less, exercise like a “normal” person, and pop out a post on a somewhat regular basis.

My Muse a/k/a My “Real” Job Let’s face it, without my real job, I would not have had the inspiration to create this blog. In the wise words of Lisa Nichols,”Your job is your investor.” For that reason, and countless others, I have no other choice but to Love it!  Right now, as I type those words, I am shocked by this revelation. I actually love my job? I love my job?  I LOVE MY JOB!!!!

Cleaning and Organizing my Home My home is never really messy, well, except for my bedroom which can be disorderly.  It seems I always run out of steam when it comes making sense out of the piles of paperwork that have collected.  Maybe I should just shred the lot and call it done. Anyway, the bathrooms, dusting, and vacuuming are always done, the posts, however, are not.  Call me crazy, but I think my Mom (best little duster ever), may get some extra joy from her dusting when she comes over to find a nice coat of dust to polish off. Admit it, there is a certain satisfaction one gets seeing that dust on the cloth. Oh, and I swear she does enjoy light chores, this is not a sweat shop!

Bravolebrities, and Billions, and The Affair Oh My!  Happy Thank You More Please!  My girlies The Ladies of London may be off for the season, but they are prolific socialmedialites. Their Instagram feeds alone provide hours of entertainment. What will those zany gals do next? And, of course, there is Erika Jayne a/k/a theprettymess and Kyle Richards, but I had to draw the line somewhere don’t I? Oh, and Billions returns next weekend (my Dad and I love it) and The Affair just ended (gotta say, it was not my favorite season, but there were flashes of the Affair I loved). How can I possibly fit it all in?

Let’s face it, these are all just my excuses for the unanswered question.

Who will I be when I allow myself to succeed?

If it isn’t a Blog you are creating, a book you are writing, a degree you are working on, or a few extra pounds you have been meaning to take off, it is something. There is something you refuse to grant yourself permission to achieve in your life. Figure it out and do it.  “Don’t act like you live twice.”

Live it, Rock it!


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