Finding my bearings

Finding my bearings

It has been a year now since the idea for this blog overtook my senses. And when I say overtook my senses, I mean it. I remember exactly how I felt. The ideas were coming faster than the chocolates down the conveyor belt on that classic episode of the “I Love Lucy” show where Lucy and Ethel did a short stint in a Chocolate factory. You remember, they started off thinking they had it made and then the speed picked up, so they began stuffing their mouths with candy to keep pace. In my case, the rush of ideas didn’t make me panic; it felt great to be filled with such passion and knowing.

Not only was I passionate, I was convinced it would be easy. Mind you, at that point, I probably had only read about a half dozen blog posts in my entire life and had no social media presence other than a LinkedIn profile that had pretty much gone dormant. I didn’t even have an account in George’s name so I could “creep” to see what was happening. But, I did have a few somewhat active profiles on dating sites, so that was something.

Going in, I thought it was enough to have a great idea, write a few compelling, quirky and entertaining posts and then sit back and the followers would come and want to engage. I saw myself in cute Anthro outfits on the road at coffee houses and cafes around the country hosting meet ups. My spread in Coastal or Country Living – oh no, that is right it was BOTH – featuring me and George in my home office and the home offices of some of you. And, then, of course, being regularly published on Huffington Post. By that point, I would have figured out the whole vlogging thing, because let’s face it, people are going to want to meet and know me!

Well, the blog has been live for 5 months and on hiatus for the last 2. So, I got a little lost and a bit lazy, but I found my bearings at the Prime Meridian and am refreshed and ready to go.

The social media aspect is tricky, but I am working on it and actually taking classes on some of this stuff and connecting with a few bloggers. Getting a decent picture relevant to what I want to write about without my friend Bill Diodato is also harder than I thought it would be. Just need to plan things out a bit better. I also need to be putting out content on a regular basis and figure out how to reach and engage you all.  Without you, this won’t work. But what can I say, I am a Believer!

The point is, that I am in it for the ride.  As cool as it will be to get there, I am going to relish every triumph and obstacle in the way. And when I get there (because I always do), there will be somewhere else to go.

I still love you all.

Live it, Rock it!



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