Five More Minutes

Five More Minutes

Never did I imagine that I would be saying just five more minutes during my morning meditation…

I have done a few stints at meditation, but rarely does it stick. Typically, my attempts are in conjunction with Baron’s 40 Day to Personal Revolution Program and I am lucky if I get up to ten minutes morning and night. You can forget about the 30 minutes stints called for in Week Six: Triumph, I can’t honestly say that I ever committed to that.

Things on the meditation front have shifted for me.  I have been doing a 15-minute sit each morning for a couple of months now and I’ve got to tell you, I have started to enjoy it.

As far as my meditation practice goes, I keep it very simple.  I set my timer for 15 minutes, gently close my eyes (in the mornings my eyes are closed, in the evenings I prefer a soft focus). I notice my breath, the sound of a ticking clock, the fog horn on Long Island sound, or the rain hitting my window.

If I find myself thinking, I notice that, let it go, and return my focus to my breath, the clock, the fog horn, or the rain.  It is that simple.

I don’t believe there is a right way or a wrong way to meditate, I think you just need to find a way that is comfortable for you.


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  • Erin May 4, 2017 1:45 am

    I love this!

  • Melissa Nelson May 13, 2017 5:48 pm

    Thank you, my beautiful friend! I have been going strong for about 3 months now. Still loving it! There are parts of my ritual that make me SMILE just thinking of them. One of my favorite things is something George does. Before I “sit” I feed and water George. Takes him about 5 minutes to eat his breakfast. I hear him crunching away (how can he make dog kibble sound so delicious?), and when he is done, he comes and sits in front of me. A few seconds after sitting he lets out a little burp and continues to wait patiently. SOOOOOO CUTE:) xoxoxo

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