#20 Things About Me

#20 Things About Me

I thought this was really fun, so thought I’d share it with you.

20 things about me as tagged by @ciaraelliott. Ciara thanks for including me ✨💗 Here I go – get ready to fall in love ❤️ ❤️❤️ 1. My birthday is Eleven-Eleven and that alone is pretty awesome😎♏️ 2.I am a firm believer in the law of attraction but cannot resist a good psychic reading🔮 3.  I have been practicing yoga for 11 years and still haven’t managed Bakasana (Crow pose) for more than 3 seconds. 4. I went to a Catholic grammar school for 8 years and was periodically pulled out of class to be shaken down for payment. Sister Louise finally gave up. 5. I always wanted braces and would make them out of paper clips. I got them when I was 28 and an attorney.  6. I practiced law for about 6 years but it wasn’t for me so I quit and became a bartender. 7. My family nickname is Mayphie. Before that it was Saucy. 8. My dog George is a rescue from Florida. He’s been in a commercial and a movie 🐶🎥. 9. I haven’t eaten beef in about 25 years based upon a promise I made to several sweet cows🐮. 10. The last time I was in Paris I was summarily dumped. 11. I have been writing the next best seller for about 15 years…so long in fact that I have had to swap out Julia Roberts for Rachel McAdams for the role of yours truly. 12. I am on and have misrepresented both my age (shaved off 3 years😏) and location; my photos are however current👍. 13. A year ago I had an inspired idea for a blog about working from home (<= link in bio check it out and subscribe ✨) and have made it a (currently neglected) reality. 14. I love coffee in all of its incarnations and make no apology for taking it with cream and sugar. 15. I live by the water in Connecticut but will be splitting my time between there and London before too long🇺🇸🇬🇧16. My first British love interest’s family had a castle, regrettably, I opted for the punk rocker from Southampton. 17. I am always cold and have a tendency to leave my coat on inside. Growing up my friends’ parents found that a bit odd. 18. I love music and I love to sing. 19. I have a green thumb (fingers) for plants inside and out. 20. I have a love-hate relationship with Christmas, more love now with Internet shopping🎄🎁

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